Radio is the heart of our being. We have a rich portfolio that spans 26 diverse U.S. markets comprising more than 100 brands. Radio continues to be the most efficient way for businesses to reach local markets en masse.

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Our teams organize and host thousands of local events each year. These engagements create opportunities for our audience, talent, and clients to develop meaningful relationships throughout their communities.


Digital solutions enable us to reach beyond our terrestrial broadcasts. We build and maintain products for brands and our clients that include websites, mobile apps, content streaming, podcasts, e-commerce, and more.


  • Ed Christian


  • Chris Forgy

    Senior Vice President Operations

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  • Marcia Lobaito

    Senior Vice President

  • Cathy Bobinski

    Senior Vice President/Controller

  • Sam Bush

    Senior Vice President/Chief Financial Officer

  • Matt Nystrom

    Vice President of Digital Media

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  • Bob Lawrence

    Sdk sdk Chat Source android chat Github sdk Open Android Chat Vice President of Programming

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  • Tom Atkins

    Director of Engineering

Board of Directors

Edward K. Christian


Gary G. Stevens

Lead Director

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Clarke R. Brown Jr.

Roy "Copey" F. Coppedge III

Dean Pearce